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About the group

PULSONICA is a musical project which combines traditional Afro Latin rhythms with different Progressive Rock styles, always starting from a protagonist percussive work based on the use of polyrhythms, irregular metrics, unisons and percussion solos.

In this search, a great variety of instruments are used. There are two percussion sets, the first one is a drum set with timbales and the other one is composed by congas and accessories. There are also melodic percussive instruments like xylophone and glockenspiel, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, aerophone instruments and programmed sounds.


PULSONICA Live at Baires Prog Fest

November 8 - 8PM "Espacio Cultural del Sur" Caseros Avenue 1750 - Buenos Aires City Admission Free

Entre Mundos (New Album)

SHIPPING: "VIAJERO INMOVIL RECORDS" (www.viajeroinmovil.com)


Pulsonica´s discography is available at: http://viajeroinmovil.com https://pulsonica.bandcamp.com

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